More Focus on Entrepreneurial Mindset

The term “entrepreneurial mindset” refers to a particular set of attitudes, skills and behaviors that anyone can use in order to succeed academically, personally and professionally. These skills and atributes include initiative, risk-taking, and the ability to see opportunities, gather the resources to take advantage of them, and create value.

This ability to “think like an entrepreneur” is critical not just for budding entrepreneurs looking to start companies, but also for young professionals in the workplace looking to distinguish themselves and accelerate their careers. In fact, an entrepreneurial mindset can be adopted by anyone, anywhere: employees in large corporations or small non-profits, academics, inventors, doctors, lawyers, politicians, musicians and more.

Entrepreneurial mindset training and programs are proliferating and becoming essential. Over the course of 2021 we will see more people working on developing the entrepreneurial mindset as it applies to I&E: understanding how it can be defined, applied and measured. (

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